Processing and recycling of pyrotechnic parts.

Do you have products with pyrotechnic components such as fire extinguishers or ink cartridges? Airbagrecycling has an ignition chamber where we can responsibly ignite these parts, then recycle the residual materials in a sustainable manner. We do this at our workshop or at your location.

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  • Collection service and on-site recycling
  • WABO and VIHB permits.
What pyrotechnic parts can we recycle

Products with explosion hazard

We can recycle other pyrotechnic parts besides airbags and seatbelt pretensioners with our WABO permit. In our mobile ignition chamber, we can ignite and safely process anything with explosion hazard.

Ink cartridges

Ink cartridges from ATMs contain pyrotechnic components. We can also process these responsibly and recycle the residual material.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers have pyrotechnic ignition. We do not process complete fire extinguishers, only pyrotechnic ignitions.

Other pyrotechnic material

We provide responsible recycling of pyrotechnical components from, for example, the aviation industry or lifeboats.

Our mobile ignition chamber

Recycling pyrotechnic materials responsibly

Our ignition chamber is sturdy enough to safely ignite products with pyrotechnic components. The robust container is designed to be used effectively for recycling products with pyrotechnic parts, either in our workshop or at your location.

In fact, we are also happy to visit you for on-site recycling.

Ignition space Also at your location

Did you know…

firefighting components themselves often include pyrotechnic components?

Frequently Asked Questions

Pyrotechnic recycling by experts

Recycling of pyrotechnic materials should be done responsibly. We have years of experience processing these materials so we know exactly what regulations apply.

These are often products that need to be activated quickly in a very short period of time. Think of airbags, which inflate in 0.03 seconds, and fire extinguishers that must work at the push of a button. But sometimes they involve products that can explode in contact with fire, such as ink cartridges.

No, it is not advisable to recycle products with explosion hazard or pyrotechnic components yourself. Special handling methods are often required to properly process these products so that all hazardous components are properly removed.

Yes, there is a specific permit that companies must have to handle products with explosion hazards or pyrotechnic components. This is called the WABO permit. Airbagrecycling has this license and also has VIHB certification, which allows them to transport airbags and other pyrotechnic parts.