Softened (rejected) seat belt pretensioners?

Do you have a batch of (rejected) belt tensioners or belt tensioners from a remaining stock? Airbagrecycling has required certifications to properly process seatbelt pretensioners and related components. This can be done at your location with our mobile ignition room or at our workshop.

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  • Collection service and on-site recycling
  • WABO and VIHB permits.
The recycling process

Here’s how we recycle your belt tensioner safely and environmentally consciously

Recycling belt tensioners requires specific knowledge about airbags and belt tensioners. Airbagrecycling has years of experience with the various parts of an airbag, which allows us to responsibly recycle seatbelt pretensioners.


You send your belt tensioner to us for recycling

Belt tensioners have classification code UN3268 requiring authorized transportation. If you are unable to find a carrier, we are VIHB certified to come pick up the belt tensioner.


We disassemble the belt tensioner and recycle the residual material

The belt tensioner is completely disassembled so that the various parts are safely recycled. This way, we can recycle 98% of the belt tensioner!


We ignite the patterns in a safe way

In our own ignition room, non-belt tensioner cartridges are ignited. Thus, we ensure that each belt tensioner is processed and recycled responsibly.

Why are belt tensioners recycled?

A belt tensioner contains a pyrotechnic pattern that must be handled responsibly. In addition, the residual materials that are released can still be recycled, making it better for the environment.

Did you know…

the current three-point belt as we know it was invented in 1959 by Swedish engineer Nils Bohlin?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our team has years of experience with the various safety systems of cars, so we can answer any questions related to these systems.

Each airbag and seatbelt pretensioner has a unique serial number with which they are registered. When an airbag or seatbelt pretensioner is destroyed, it is recorded through this code and the automaker also knows that the airbags are out of the running. This also has to do with the pyrotechnical components contained in the airbag. By destroying the airbag, there is no chance that it can be used for wrong purposes.

No, you can’t just offer a seatbelt pretensioner at a recycling center. This is because there are pyrotechnic components present in the seatbelt pretensioner that can be dangerous if not handled properly. It may also violate the rules of the environmental district and possible local laws and regulations.

Yes, there is a specific license that companies must have to process airbags and seatbelt pretensioners. This is called the WABO permit. Airbagrecycling has this license and also has VIHB certification, which allows them to transport airbags and other pyrotechnic parts.