On-site airbag and pyrotechnic recycling.

Do you have a batch of (rejected) airbags or a remaining stock that needs to be destroyed? Or other pyrotechnics such as ink cartridges or fire extinguishers? We are happy to come by with our mobile ignition room to process these parts and take back any leftover material.

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  • Collection service and on-site recycling
  • WABO and VIHB permits.
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Recycling van airbags en pyrotechnisch materiaal op locatie


We visit your location

By appointment, we will come to your place with our mobile ignition room. This allows us to bring any unignited patterns to activation in a safe environment.


On-site recycling and processing

Our experts bring everything you need to get right to work on processing your airbags, seatbelt pretensioners and other pyrotechnic components.


Transportation of residual material

After successful disassembly and ignition, we take everything back. Airbagrecycling has VIHB certification to transport airbags and pyrotechnic materials.

Recycling van pyrotechnisch materiaal op locatie

Waarom mogen airbags en pyrotechnische onderdelen niet door iedereen vervoerd worden?

Airbags en overige pyrotechnische onderdelen hebben classificatiecode UN3268 waardoor deze beschouwd worden als een gevaarlijke afvalstof. Daarom mogen alleen gecertificeerde transporteurs deze airbags en ander pyrotechnisch materiaal vervoeren. Als dit niet mogelijk blijkt te zijn, kunnen wij als bevoegd transporteur dit verzorgen of komen wij graag langs op jouw locatie.

Ignition space At your location

Did you know.

an airbag is up to 98% recyclable? The remaining 2% are packaging materials that break down during processing.

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Airbag recycling door experts

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Each airbag and belt tensioner has a unique EAN code by which they are registered. When an airbag or seatbelt pretensioner is destroyed, it is recorded through this code and the automaker also knows that the airbags are out of the running. This also has to do with the pyrotechnical components contained in the airbag. By destroying the airbag, there is no chance that it can be used for wrong purposes.

Airbagrecycling can handle any material with explosion hazard. For example, we have experience with fire extinguishers, ink cartridges and aviation parts, for example.

Yes, there is a specific license that companies must have to process airbags and seatbelt pretensioners. This is called the WABO permit. Airbagrecycling has this license and also has VIHB certification, which allows them to transport airbags and other pyrotechnic parts.